Ich, The Fish Common Cold

A lot of people don’t think that fish are capable of getting sick. However, there are a lot of illnesses that can strike a fish tank and wipe out your beautiful habitat. The most common sickness for freshwater fish is Ich.

How to Spot Ich

How to Spot Ich

It is pretty easy to see when a fish is contaminated with the Ichillness. The most common symptom is very visible white spots that appear on the fish along their entire body. These white specks are the first indication that a fish has Ich. Other symptoms that you should look for include scratching against objects due to irritated skin, clamped fins, and gasping for air at the water’s surface. Ich can travel very rapidly through a tank and should be dealt with right away.

What Causes Ich?

Ich is caused by either coming in contact with another fish that has the disease, or by being under stress. Fish can become stressed a lot of different ways. Some common reasons are, being harrassed by other fish in the tank, a rapid change in temperature or pH, or being transferred from a different tank to a new one. A combination of these factors will increase the likelihood that a fish can become infected.

How to Cure Ich

Ich can be cured in a relatively easy manner. All that is needed is to put medication into the tank. There are many brands that offer Ich control medicine. It is common to see dissolving tablets that should be administered daily. Make sure you read the instructions on the box carefully, to make sure it is done properly.


After reading this blog I hope that you are now better informed on how to deal with Ichin your tank. There are a few last minute facts that you should know. One is that Ich is almost inevitable to happen in your tank. It is best to buy medication to cure it before one of your fish become sick. The key with curing Ichis to start the medication as soon as possible. Not paying attention to your tank can result in half of your tank being contaminated before you even realized it. This illness isn’t normally fatal, unless it isn’t taken care of in a quIchmanner. Another tip is that while treatment is being done, it is best to try and reduce the stress in the tank. An easy solution for this is trying to keep people out of the room that the tank is in, turning the light off earlier than you normally do, and if you can’t give the tank privacy, put a towel around it so the fish can’t see what is happening outside of their tank. The last tip I have is to not introduce any new fish when you are in the middle of an Ich outbreak. Any new fish will be extra susceptible to getting sick because they are going to be stressed by the process of being moved from the store to your tank.

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